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Ooze tech center was established in March 2008, is located in changsha high-tech development zone (west of hunan province to creat (China, (), is a professional engaged in the aromatic polyamide membrane and the component product research and development, production and application service of the high-tech private enterprises.

Ooze, high-tech is director unit of China association of desalting water conservancy enterprise branch, membrane industry association governing units, China's hunan province environmental protection industry association director unit, the standardization of safety production enterprises in belong to the state administration of work safety. The company has been included in the national environmental protection industry development 5 year planning enterprise and the hunan province 100 billion environmental protection industry engineering key support enterprise. Company film project is approved by the national development and reform commission, the ministry of the central investment "key industries and technical transformation project" and "promote the new industrialization of hunan province double hundred" project.

In March 2014, xi jinping, general secretary of the proposed "priority to water saving and spatial equilibrium, system management, his hands with" water conservancy new train of thought, for the country to strengthen water management, pointed out the direction to protect the safety of water. In may, the state council executive meeting of the state council premier li keqiang, deployment of quickening construction of water saving water supply major water conservancy project, decided to significantly increase the national venture capital guidance funds to promote development of emerging industry. China association of desalting water conservancy enterprise branch in the "2014 annual work summary and work plan 2014" around the "water" in this important meeting general objective, to achieve the future national water resources integration, from water saving irrigation, city water, industrial water, water desalination "four aspects depicts a blueprint. Ooze, high-tech is committed to changing domestic high-end relies heavily on imported products used in the management of water resources, and accelerate the national separation among the world's top film industry.

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Ooze, high-tech, introduced from the United States in 2010 film production technology and automated production lines, capable of producing 3 million square meters of reverse osmosis membrane, nanofiltration membrane and more than 60000 various specification membrane element of production capacity, products are in conformity with national quality management system ISO9000 certification standards, and the national health security product certification. In the past three years, the company has absorbed the absorption of the imported technology, the quality of the product has been perfected, the products have been applied to different projects in different parts of the country, and the customers are sure.