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Hangzhou hainer environmental protection technology co., LTD

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Our company is the park enterprise of zhejiang university science and technology park, the main technical force is the school chemistry department, the chemical industry department many professors and the bo guide, the postdoctoral composition.

The company mainly develops and develops the civil water treatment and water purification machine market for the common UNIX (UNIX) household RO anti-osmosis membrane, NF nanofilter series. UNIX series of membrane element existing product quality with the international synchronization, leading in Asia, has obvious advantages in price, high cost performance, is the major water purification factory and foreign trade companies the best strategic partner!

The company also develops and produces products with high technical content such as scale inhibitor, ST flocculant, metering pump and pollution index. The products developed by our company are mainly used to replace the imported products of the same kind. All products are the main technical specifications are reaching or higher than imported products, and the price is only 1/2, their this paved the way for the popularization of advanced products to use.

At the same time, we are willing to solve the problem for customers who have encountered technical difficulties, until they are satisfied.

, on the other hand, our company is mainly for the small chemical enterprises (ink, glue, dyes intermediates, etc.) of production water demand to provide specialized small water treatment equipment.

In terms of the development and application of special engineering plastics, we apply the national new technology of PEEK and PES for vacuum pump factory, water pump factory, kitchen utensils and other high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, anti-corrosion materials provide products of enterprises.